Meet Our President

Sekyen Tyoden

Sekyen is the Founder and CEO of the Esther Tyoden Commemorative Foundation (ETC Foundation) – a nonprofit working to alleviate the burdens of disease, armed conflict and poverty in Africa.

She is a lawyer and a humanitarian and holds two masters degrees, in International Corporate Law from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland and International Humanitarian and Security Law from the University of Ottawa, Canada. Diverting course from an initial plan to pursue a doctorate degree, Sekyen returned to study and qualify as a licensed lawyer in Ontario, Canada.

She has successfully pursued opportunities in the legal environment including in Immigration and Refugee Law and at the African Court on Human and People’s rights Arusha, Tanzania. Building on these experiences, Sekyen also runs a thriving Notary Public enterprise. She is a member of the Nigerian Bar and the Province of Ontario Bar (Canada) and is currently engaged as a Policy Officer with the International Humanitarian Assistance Bureau at the Department of Foreign Affairs, Canada.